IoTWatt Cloud

Project Description


IoTWatt Cloud

AI Powered Cloud IoT Platform


IoTWatt is an AI powered cloud IoT platform that helps in optimizing the operations and performance of electrical, water and HVAC IO infrastructure. It empowers enterprises to use the power of IoT technology to bring down the costs and manpower.


Customer Support

Hierarchy based feature allocations to users; multiple type of platform users and admin users can be defined

Global Connectivity

Ability to connect with any third-party hardware, OPC server, software, sensors etc. integration through API, RS 485/RS 232

Scheduled MIS Reports

Get customize scheduled MIS reporting on operational efficiency, production efficiency, asset health etc.

Drag & Drop Dashboards

Dynamic dashboards can be created by user itself; no involvement of IT or software team; customize your dahboards based on your requirement

Device Management

Multiple device type in the same user account; whitelist devices for particular users only to restrict the access of the device data

Data Analytics

Abnormalities detection, base lining for energy, production data, manage your KPIs

Automation Engine

Control the power supply of assets on rule-based sensor data or fixed daily, weekly or monthly schedule

Alerts Engine

Get alerts on preset threshold value via SMS or Email; AI based alerts on equipment health, operational inefficiency


AC-DC Energy Monitoring

Real-time trend and analysis of all electrical parameters like Voltage, Current, Power, Frequency, PF, kWh, kVArh

Battery Management

Battery health condition, voltage, battery usage and performance analysis

Solar / Wind Power

Power production performance analysis with respect to designed output, electrical parameters monitoring of solar / wind system

Diesel Genset

DG run hours, energy generation, fuel consumption, on/off status, efficiency of power generation, fuel theft or leakage, fuel level, fuel usage and input

Environment Monitoring

Monitoring of temperature, humidity and CO2 to ensure optimum environmental conditions, monitoring of other parameters like wind speed, rain gauge, barometric pressure

Security & Maintenance Management

Live streaming of IP cameras, door status, access ledger, GPS tracking & geo-fencing, schedule & track maintenance of all the assets