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SP12CH SINGLE PHASE 12 CHANNEL SMART METER is a Single Phase Energy Meter that measures 12 different loads (12 in 1 energy meter) with Modbus RTU enabled.

Supplied with 100A Split-Core Clip On CTs (1 no x 12 channel).

It is compliant to IEC 62053-21 “Static meters for active energy (Class 1 & 2)” and IEC 62053-23 “Static meters for reactive energy (Class 2 & 3)”.


Each of the 12 channel has an independent high-precision energy metering chip, to ensure metering accuracy and reliability.
4 quadrant energy measurement; each channel can measure both import energy and export energy with nett energy calculations.
Electrical parameters measured by each channel includes V, I, F, PF, kW, kVAr, kVA.
Able to record and alarm events like undervoltage, overvoltage, voltage spike, phase loss, etc.
Reading closing date can be set to enable automatic bill settlement for each month.
Timed data freeze, hourly data freeze and daily data freeze. Meter can freeze data of energy, etc. There are 30 timed freeze, 254 hourly freeze, 62 daily freeze.
LCD digital display, loop display of various parameter (of each channel).
Data from meter can be read by handheld unit (IR port) and thru RS485 interface.
Compliant to standard 35mm din rail installation.
Accuracy Class: Active:0.5S, 1,Reactive: 1, 2
Clock Accuracy: ≤ 0.5s/day (23℃), variation with temperature change < 0.1s/day
Connection Type: by CT
Working Voltage: DC 40V~273V,AC 40V~264V
Voltage Range (no phase loss)
Specified Operation Voltage 0.3Un~1.1Un
Extended Operation Voltage 0.15Un~1.15Un
Working Voltage Limit 0.0Un~1.15Un
Frequency: 50Hz
Power Consumption (nominal condition)
Basic Current <10A ≥10A
Voltage Circuit of Each Phase ≤1.5W, 6VA ≤1.5W, 6VA
Current Circuit of Each Phase ≤0.2VA ≤0.4VA
Temperature & Humidity: 23°C±2°C & RH 40% ~ 60%
Weight: 350g




SP12CH Datasheet